Ship Repair  
        ASIMAR exists to provide quality ship-repair, conversion ,Ship-building and Engineering Work to the owner worldwide. For the shipowners, repair expenses are the biggest concern. At ASIMAR owners can rest assured that not only the quotations are competitive but also final bills and delivery commitment. Asimar works closely and in partnership with owners to determine their needs and provide full technical support and information to satisfy their need.More than 20 years of Experience in Ship Repair Industry, ASIMAR well known as the Leading Shipyard in Thailand,  
  Floating Dock  
Floating Dock Dimension Lifting Capicity Max. Vessel Crane
ASIMAR 1 97.5x19.6 meter 2,250 t 6,000 dwt. Shore crane
ASIMAR 2 161x28 meter 8200 t 20,000 dwt 3x Dock arm
  Dry Docking Dry  
Machinery/ Electrical Test
Cleaning Main/auxiliary engine Non-Destructive Tests
-High Pressure water jet Air condition System -Ultrasonic Gauging
-Sandblasting/Gritblasting Boiler/condensor repair -MT
-Tank cleaning Tailshaft / Propeller -RT
-Anchor & Chain Cleaning Pipe work -DP
Painting and Coating Electrical/Electronic -Cargo Gear Load test
-Tank Coating Cargo Gear overhaul -Live Boat Test
-Cargo hold blasting and painting Crane repair -Winch& Windlass brake test
Steel work Hydraulic system  
Aluminium work Winches/ windlass  
  Pumps/ Valves  
  Afloat Repair  
        ASIMAR is capable of undertaking such work at the location where vessels are at the anchorage. With the alongside arrangement facilities we can provide the Alongside facilities for the vessel need to Repair during alongside in our shipyard.  
  Services Covering  
  - Hatch cover repairs
- Overhaul and repair of all Engine, Pumps and
- Aux Machinery - Pipe work
- Steel work
- Electrical work
- Trouble shooting of shipboard system
- Cranes and Cargo gear
- Cleaning and painting of tanks
- Cargo hold blasting and painting
- Hydraulic motor and pumps repair and overhaul
  Reference Project  
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