Asian marine services public company limited highly recognize to occupational health and safety Policy to set up measure (s) which aim at control and defend hazardous problem can cause of accident for objective to safe work practices of all people including employee and subcontractor in order to ensure to be reliance for every parties   
  Company purpose to manage occupation health and safety as below regulation and policy  
            1.1 Company aim to comply all statutory requirement concerning occupational health and safety policy.
          1.2 Company aim to review and develop by purpose to defend risk and hazard cause of accident in repair and ship building process.
          1.3 Company aim to the prevention of injury. and diseases from the work. So everyoune to working safety. and without disease from the work.
          1.4 Company aim to support all essential resource to maintain occupational health and safety objective.
          1.5 Company aim to develop productive technology and occupational health and safety system with a commitment to continual improvement.
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